Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sylvester Stallone and Hollywood finding their way back to the Catholic Church

Sylvester Stallone has found his way back to God again. He has admitted in a news article to being a revitalized Catholic.

In Hollywood, this kind of a public admission can be a career-threatening move. We commend Stallone for coming out in public to proclaim his faith to the entire world. Whatever people may think his motives could be - he just recently released his new Rocky movie - this is a good thing. It's just another manifestation that Hollywood is indeed starting to come around to God.

In the past year, we have seen more and more Hollywood stars come out from the closet to make public their belief and devotion to God. We see this as part of a Catholic renaissance that is going on in Hollywood today.

And that is a good thing because the entertainment industry is once again starting to realize that God truly shines brighter than all the stars in Hollywood.


Click the link below to read his re-conversion story.
~ ‘Rocky’ Stallone back in church as new movie in theaters

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