Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hollywood Connect - Keeping Christ Center Stage

by Hope Frances

It's no secret that making connections in any business is important. In the entertainment industry, those connections can help get one's foot in the d

oor and onto a movie set. But, how do you maintain your Christian values along the way?
Enter stage left - Hollywood Connect.

Started in 2003, Hollywood Connect has been connecting 'Christians in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry by providing resources and guidance for their practical, professional, and spiritual needs.' By arming Christians with the proper skills and resources, they will be better able to stay on track while living out their God-given talents.


According to Michele Suh, Director of Hollywood Connect, "Our ministry in a nutshell is helping industry Christians fulfill their calling by helping them meet as many of their spiritual, professional and personal needs. It's a real holistic ministry."

Browsing through the organization's website, I was amazed at the thoroughness of the information they provide for those pursuing a career in show business. The website is a virtual plethora of information that covers every step of the process involved in working in the world of entertainment - moving to Hollywood, job resources, parishes, agents, industry-specific training, books, and the list goes on - all in an effort to help Christians connect with each other and with their faith.
According to Michelle whether you're a veteran or new to the city, "We disseminate all kinds of information through the website, through our orientation sessions, and then we send them back out to the appropriate ministries for which they're probably going to have an affinity."

In addition to their 'exhaustive website' of information, Hollywood Connect also has two flagship programs they have created to help Christians in the secular world fulfill their calling. The 'Gateway' program is targeted to newcomers. "It helps people transition to the Los Angeles/Hollywood lifestyle spiritually, professionally and personally," said Michelle.

And, for the veteran is the program entitled '360°.' "The 360° is more for veterans," said Michelle, "who have been here for a while who are kind of stuck and just need to get to the next level in their career."

They target such issues as 'roadblocks' and marketing yourself. "We teach you to honor your spiritual gifts and make sure that you're aware of what they are."


Since the entertainment industry is global, Hollywood Connect saw the need to take their organization to other key cities throughout the United States with their Global Arts & Entertainment Alliance. They've established partnerships in the cities of Atlanta, Indianapolis, Nashville, New York and Washington, DC all in an effort of "helping them build networks and alliances to get them strategically unified."

And, the fruits of their labor have paid off for Christians with a stronger presence in the entertainment industry. Michelle pointed this out in saying that Christians are "so much more aware of the jobs that are open because we're making greater inroads and so we're passing along information much more quickly.

The secular industry is noticing. And they're willing to hire (Christians)."

Proving once again that… God shines brighter than all the stars in Hollywood.

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